The Curve Mask - Olive w/Shock Cord

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For each mask we sell, we will be donating a mask to an organization representing a vulnerable community at risk.

DESIGNED AND MADE IN THE USA by We have been manufacturing in California for 10 years.

COMFORTABLE and full coverage. The fitted design over the nose and under the chin makes this mask ideal for wearing all day. 

BEAUTIFUL MATERIALS Olive Twill woven in the USA  is 100% Cotton. Milspec Shock Cord made in the USA.

SHOCK CORD over the head straps are ultra durable, can be cinched tight and retied for your ideal fit.

FILTER POCKET - built inside to use a non-woven filter material of your choice (3.5" x 6”)

SUSTAINABLE One reusable mask replaces hundreds of disposable masks. We believe in true sustainability, from our local manufacturing and high quality fabric to the lasting reusability of these masks.

WHY US? is a division of JOSHUVELA LLC based in San Francisco. We have manufactured high quality bags and accessories in our own workshop and provided jobs in the USA for 10 years. We are known to our loyal clients for our attention to detail, perfect fit and outstanding selection of materials.

 No returns or exchanges due to the personal nature of this product.