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Our Values Amplify in Times of Crisis

We believe in sustainability all the time, even now.

A time of crisis is the optimal moment to reassess our personal values. If you are like us, and have been taking a conscious look at the role you play in the world, then you know that every purchase has power. We believe that a crisis is forcing us to choose what is really important. For us, this is to be truly sustainable and make the change to reusable products instead of disposable — in all aspects of our life. 

We have been sewing in California for 10 years.

I Protect You, You Protect Me.

Why wear a Mask?

When you wear a face mask, you keep the droplets that naturally come out of your mouth from landing on other people. It is out of mutual consideration that you wear a face mask. Hear it from the researchers here:

WHO updates its position on face masks


masks could help flatten the curve

Cloth Face Coverings Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 

Well Designed

Why Donate?

The virus infects all people equally. However, not all people have equal access to health care, sanitation, time off work, childcare, whole foods, and the list goes on. So we are donating reusable masks to people in vulnerable situations and organizations that are empowering their communities during this pandemic. Have a suggestion? Email us.

Donations to Date

Navajo Nation
National Day Laborer Organizing Network
Domestic Workers Coalition of California
Peoples' Association of Workers and Immigrants, East Bay, CA
Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement, Los Angeles, CA
Montefiore Medical Center, NY
MJHS Health System, NY
Women's Health at Kaiser Permanente, Richmond, CA

Read more about our donations here.

Please email us with non-profit organization contacts


Do your masks protect me from Coronavirus?

No. Cotton masks are not to be used while caring for known COVID-19 patients. Use an N95 mask and full PPE.

Why wear a mask?

In order to help flatten the curve, please wear a mask out of the consideration for others anytime you are in public. Masks help keep your droplets from becoming airborne. This video explains it all!

Do I need to sterilize my reusable mask?

No, it is well researched and documented that soap and hot water is sufficient to kill viruses.

Can a filter be added?

The Curve Mask with Filter Pocket has a place to add in a disposable, non-woven material. Such as a paper towel or HEPA filter.


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